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Capturing Footage

After going through the calibration process, you're good to go to shoot! Running DepthKit on set is simple and can easily sit alongside another productions workflow. There are a few things to keep in mind though, which we've outlined below.

Navigate to the Record tab in the application.

If connected properly, you will be able to see a preview of your depth camera on the left. Your takes will show on the right side in the format 'TAKE_MO_DD_HH_MI_SS', with the numbers corresponding to the time of capture (there will be none before you've captured your first take).

You are just "running" the depth camera. Unless you are also in charge of running the color camera, you'll only be performing operation for the depth sensor, managing when it's capturing and when it isn't. If you're working with a Director of Photography, communicate this with them so they know they can operate the color camera as usual once you've calibrated everything.

When this bar fills up with red it will start dropping frames. This can happen if you have slow write speed on your disk (not an SSD), or if your HDD is full or there are issues with connectivity to the Kinect. If this happens, stop shooting and fix the issue.