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Working with DepthKit in Unity is a two part process. First, you must properly prepare and export your footage from Visualize and then import it into Unity using our supplied Unity package. The following pages in this section outline this process as well as give videos that serve as an overview. To follow along, click the downloads link at the bottom of this page to download the tutorial package.

To easily get up and running, simply drag on the corresponding files into their sections on the Clip inspector (or fill out the necessary fields) and press play. 

At the most basic level, you can simply drag in your movie onto the MovieTexture field, followed by the meta file into the "Meta Data File" field, and then the poster frame in the field after. To see playback, ensure Auto Play and Auto Load are checked, then enter Play Mode. Ta-da!

To download the Unity Plugin or the Tutorial Package, head to the Downloads page here.