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Depthkit is the first volumetric filmmaking tool designed to empower creators of all experience levels to participate in the cutting edge of immersive storytelling.

Computer Requirements

Depth Sensors

Getting Started

Setting up Depthkit

Install in Kinect for Windows SDK

If using the Kinect v2, you will need to download the Kinect for Windows SDK before you are ready to run Depthkit with the Kinect.

Installing Depthkit

Once you download Depthkit from your account page, the Depthkit Setup Wizard will guide you through a straightforward installation.

Once installed, the tool will auto-update whenever new features are available so you don't have to worry about manually staying up to date.

Anonymous usage statistics

When you first launch Depthkit, we'll ask you if you would like to share anonymous user information with us to help improve the tool. These stats help us understand computers types, sensors, and general use patterns allowing us to improve your experience. This is entirely optional and the data collected will never be used to personally identify you.

Data Collection is Anonymous

We'll never be able to personally identify you with this data, and we will never be able to see anything that you are capturing. This telemetry data helps our team understand what computers are in use for Depthkit and ensures that we can create a high quality user experience.

If you accept, you will be sharing the following anonymous user statistics:

  • Computer Specification including:
    • Operating System
    • Processor Chipset and number of cores
    • Graphics chipset, driver version, and OpenGL version
  • Login Activity
  • Locale
  • Capture information including:
    • Depth sensor and stream resolution
    • Capture duration
    • Number of dropped frames
  • Export duration

If at any point, you no longer wish to share usage statistics, you can disable the feature at your convenience in the main menu once you are logged in.

Logging In

Once launched, you will be greeted by the Depthkit login menu. Here you can login with your existing Depthkit account information. You can also reset your password if needed.

Working Offline

Depthkit requires an internet connection so you can log in and connect to your Depthkit account. However, we provide a two week grace period so you can stay connected to your account when shooting without an internet connection. If you know you are about to be offline, just log in before you disconnect from the internet to take advantage of this 14 day login period.

Setting up Depthkit

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