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Depthkit is the first volumetric filmmaking tool designed to empower creators of all experience levels to participate in the cutting edge of immersive storytelling.

Recommended Equipment

Capture Conditions

The Depthkit Workflow

Getting Started

Now you are ready to plug in your sensor and begin recording! For the Kinect, remember you will need to have the Kinect for Windows SDK installed.

If you have a Kinect and a RealSense (experimental), Depthkit allows the ability to connect multiple sensors to your computer to select your desired sensor as you go. This provides the benefit of switching sensors in between takes, evaluating sensor quality, and selecting capture resolution based on sensor type.

Due to limitations of the Kinect, no more than one Kinect sensor can be plugged into a single computer at a time.

Now that your sensors are connected, Depthkit is ready to go and your depth and color streams will be automatically streaming in the 3D preview!


It must be noted that Depthkit does not record audio at this time. You will need to capture audio with an external device and lay it back into the clip after exporting from Depthkit. For ease of syncing, remember to clap or have a slate at the beginning of your take so there is no doubt about the sync point between your combined-per-pixel video export and your audio file.

Workflow Options & Overview

Depthkit is optimized for both on-the-go capture as well as professional recording in a capture stage or with a green screen. Here is what you need to know for any capture situation.

Depthkit Record Workflow

When you are capturing on location, you don't always have a green screen handy. Depthkit is ready for this with the help of body index - body index - The detection of one or multiple bodies in the depth data. When generating your assets, this acts as a body mask, allowing you to simply hide the background for clean exports of your subjects. This eliminates the need to shoot on a green screen. segmentation with the Kinect. This will allow you to record data in a range of situations and remove the background at export. Background removal is non-destructive and acts as an export setting.

Background removal is only supported for data captured with the Kinect.

Depthkit Record

Depthkit Record

Depthkit Pro Workflow & the Refinement Workflow

Depthkit is also powered with a robust algorithm that refines depth data. This allows you to enhance your data and export the highest quality footage. It also allows you to export your footage at the matching source resolution of your color video input.

This workflow is designed for footage shot with a green screen, as it requires applying a custom mask created by pulling a key from the color video. This method requires a Depthkit Pro license. Read more about depth enhancement.

Depthkit Pro

Depthkit Pro

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