Capturing for Refinement Workflow


Depthkit Core and Cinema Only

As of v0.7.0, Refinement is no longer used with Depthkit Studio captures.

Maskless Refinement

Maskless Refinement requires no special considerations during capture, however we recommend capturing using the Masked Refinement recommendations below to enable the option of Masked Refinement.

Masked Refinement

To take full advantage of the Depthkit's Masked Refinement workflow, be sure your recordings are captured to do so:

Removable Background

  • Shoot your subject against a removable/keyable background - a greenscreen is the easiest tool for this. Make sure the background is lit evenly. This will make it easier to isolate the subject from the background in the sensor's RGB footage using conventional tools like chromakey.


Greenscreen Not Required, but Recommended

Since creating a Refinement Mask requires isolating your subject using only the RGB video, using a greenscreen sets you up to easily isolate the subject, but it's not the only way to do so. You can also use other methods which do not require a greenscreen, like rotoscoping and/or machine-learning-driven tools, though these alternatives are often more complex and challenging.

Empty Backplate

Record a backplate - a few seconds of your empty scene with no subject - for use difference mattes and machine-learning-driven background removal tools.