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Depthkit Expansion Package platform support

The Depthkit Expansion Package for Unity has wide support for various publishing platforms. See performance recommendations for recommended video encoding and Unity player settings.

Publishing PlatformDepthkit Core Support StatusDepthkit Studio Support StatusNotes
Windows (Desktop VR)SupportedSupportedAVC (H.264) encoding is recommended for universal playback support. See performance recommendations.
macOS (Desktop)SupportedSupported*Support for Phase 10 has been tested and verified on macOS 14 Sonoma, however detailed performance guides have not been created and some issues may exist. See performance recommendations.
iOS (Apple iPhone/iPad)SupportedSupportedHEVC (H.265) encoding is recommended. Phase 10 is tested on iOS 17. See performance recommendations.
visionOS (Apple Vision Pro)Photo Look Supported in VR Mode 📷Photo Look Supported in VR Mode 📷Photo looks in the Built-in Render Pipeline and Universal Render Pipeline are fully supported. HEVC (H.265) encoding is recommended.

Due to an issue with visionOS and Unity's Visual Effects Graph, Depthkit Visual Effects looks are not yet supported.
Android (Meta Quest Pro & Quest 3)Photo Look Supported 📷Experimental ⚠️Tested on Quest Software version 62. While it is possible to build to the Quest, performance optimizations are required for successful playback of Depthkit Core VFX, Depthkit Studio Photo, and Depthkit Studio VFX looks. Unity's Built-in Render Pipeline is recommended. HEVC (H.265) encoding is recommended.

Higher-performance photo visualization is available via the Studio Lite renderer. For higher-quality performant playback, consider tethered operation with AirLink.
Android (mobile/tablet)Experimental ⚠️Experimental ⚠️Select Android devices support playback. However, performance optimizations are required. HEVC (H.265) encoding is recommended. Some Android GPUs do not support our shaders

For Depthkit Studio captures, higher-performance playback is available via the Studio Lite renderer .
HoloLens 2 (UWP)Experimental ⚠️Experimental ⚠️While it is possible to build to Windows UWP for HoloLens 2's Windows Holographic OS, performance optimizations are required for performant playback of Depthkit captures. Consider tethered operation with Holographic Remoting.
LuminOS (MagicLeap)Not supportedNot supportedWe have not tested support on LuminOS for Magic Leap


For playback in browser using WebGL, see our WebGL section. Publishing via Unity with WebGL as a target platform is unsupported.


For tips and best practices for increasing your Unity project's performance on various devices, see the Low framerate in Unity guide.