Accessing a Depthkit license

Creating a Depthkit account is free — create one here now. Every account comes with an Evaluation license. Purchase a Depthkit subscription to unlock unlimited capture and export duration.

Log in with your Depthkit account email address and password to manage your subscription and see past invoices on your account page on the Depthkit website.

Visit your downloads page to download the Depthkit desktop application.

After you have installed the Depthkit application on your PC (see our installation guide for how), you will log in with your Depthkit account credentials. Your Depthkit license is managed in the cloud. If you have already installed the app and have changed your subscription plan, hit the refresh icon in the app to update your log in.


Depthkit license options

There are 3 different Depthkit subscriptions to choose from.

Depthkit Core is the fastest, most accessible entry-point to volumetric creation.

With Depthkit Cinema, you can supplement the lush cinematic quality of your video camera with accessible depth sensing to create vivid, detailed single-perspective volumetric captures up to 8K.

Depthkit Studio is the most advanced professional volumetric video solution. It allows you to easily connect up to 10 Orbbec Femto Bolt or Azure Kinect depth sensors to a single PC and create lightweight, full-body volumetric captures.

Learn more about which Depthkit solution is right for you.