Set your in and out point on the timeline. When exporting a multi-cam clip, all sub-clips will adopt the in/out points for the sensor perspective that is selected and active in the 3D viewport.

Export formats

There are a few ways to export your Depthkit Studio clip.


Export failure with Multiperspective CPP Video format

If your recording uses the refinement workflow and contains many sensors, you may get an error saying that your video failed to export. This is because the Multiperspective CPP Video exporter will not work with exports above a certain resolution. To avoid this, turn off refinement some or all of the sensors, or export an image sequence to encode externally instead.

Next steps

A Combined-per-Pixel video, poster, and metadata file are everything you need to get started in Unity with the Depthkit Studio Expansion.

If you have exported a Combined-per-Pixel image sequence, you'll need to encode it into a video by following the steps in Image Sequence encoding.