Publishing Cinema assets

Now that you have your Depthkit Cinema clip exported, you're ready to bring it into a 3D world.

Developing Native apps in Unity

You can use the free Depthkit Unity Expansion Packages to play back your Depthkit Cinema Combined Per Pixel video files in the game engine, then build that app to run natively on the target hardware of your choice.

This includes support for both built-in and scriptable render pipelines, and enables effects with Shader Graph and Visual Effect Graph.

Creating Visual Effects with Geometry Sequences

If you exported your Depthkit Cinema capture as OBJ or PLY geometry sequences, see our tutorials for Houdini, and for After Effects + Plexus.

Publishing on the internet with WebXR

If you exported your Depthkit Cinema capture as WebXR-optimized Draco geometry sequences, you can play them in a web browser by following the instructions in the WebGL section.