Sensor firmware

Depthkit can detect which firmware is installed on each sensor. To see if your firmware is up to date, expand the sensor details in the Sensor Configuration pane:

If the firmware is out of date, follow the instructions below to update the firmware of your sensor.

Femto Bolt firmware

The most recent firmware for the Femto Bolt can be found in Orbbec's Femto Bolt GitHub repository.

  • Disconnect all sensors from your computer.
  • Follow the documentation PDF provided in the Assets section to download the latest firmware file as well as the latest version of Orbbec Viewer.
  • Unzip and open Orbbec Viewer.

  • Plug the sensor for which you want to update the firmware in to the computer. Ensure that only one sensor appears in the list of available sensors.


Connect the sensor to the PC via the factory cable only.

Using an untested cable to update the firmware may result in firmware corruption. Ensure that the firmware is properly installed by connecting the sensor to the PC with the provided USB cable - Do not use 3rd party cables or extenders.

  • Click the button to reveal the More window. Notice the current FW Version reported in this window.
  • Click the toggle next to "Enter Recovery Mode".

  • A popup will appear prompting you to select a valid firmware directory. Select the location of the unzipped firmware - This folder is the root folder of the unzipped archive (e.g. "FemtoBolt_v1.0.9_20231109152127_968a209"), and click "Yes".
  • Your sensor will show an amber LED on the front, and will disconnect from Orbbec Viewer, which will then report Found a device in upgrade mode. Ensure the latest firmware directory is selected as it was in the previous step, and click the update icon.


Multiple Connected Sensors Interferes with Firmware Update

If multiple sensors are connected to the computer, then the connected sensors will supersede the sensor in update mode and cover the update button. Carefully disconnect only the sensors which are not in update mode to expose the update button for the updating sensor.

  • The update will start, and takes about one minute to complete. Make sure that power and the data connection are uninterrupted during this update.

  • Once the firmware is finished updating, the sensor will reconnect to Orbbec Viewer. Click the More button to confirm the new firmware version installed on the sensor.
  • After updating, the sensor's serial number may be zeroed-out or show the wrong value. Use the 'Reboot' button in the 'More' page to reboot the device and update the software with the correct serial number.

Azure Kinect firmware

Ensure that the firmware of your Azure Kinect is the latest version available - This is especially crucial when using multiple sensors with Depthkit Studio.


The firmware binary bundled with the Azure Kinect firmware tool isn't necessarily the latest firmware. As of firmware 1.6.110080014, the latest firmware is strangely only available via the link shared ad-hoc in Microsoft's Azure Kinect SDK GitHub's Issues section, and not on the Releases page, but we have confirmed directly with Microsoft's team that this is the latest version.

  • Before updating firmware, ensure that Depthkit is closed and that no other applications are accessing the sensor cameras.
  • Open Command Prompt, change directory to the folder containing the Azure Kinect SDK's tools folder. This is usually in Program Files, for example: C:\Program Files\Azure Kinect SDK v1.4.1\
  • Update the firmware of every connected device using the command AzureKinectFirmwareTool.exe -u <device_firmware_file.bin> (e.g. AzureKinectFirmwareTool.exe -u firmware\AzureKinectDK_Fw_1.6.110080014.bin)