Sensor firmware

Azure Kinect firmware

Ensure that the firmware of your Azure Kinect is the latest version available - This is especially crucial when using multiple sensors with Depthkit Studio.


The firmware binary bundled with the Azure Kinect firmware tool isn't necessarily the latest firmware. As of firmware 1.6.110080014, the latest firmware is strangely only available via the link shared ad-hoc in Microsoft's Azure Kinect SDK GitHub's Issues section, and not on the Releases page, but we have confirmed directly with Microsoft's team that this is the latest version.

  • Before updating firmware, ensure that Depthkit is closed and that no other applications are accessing the sensor cameras.
  • Open Command Prompt, change directory to the folder containing the Azure Kinect SDK's tools folder. This is usually in Program Files, for example: C:\Program Files\Azure Kinect SDK v1.4.1\
  • Update the firmware of every connected device using the command AzureKinectFirmwareTool.exe -u <device_firmware_file.bin> (e.g. AzureKinectFirmwareTool.exe -u firmware\AzureKinectDK_Fw_1.6.110080014.bin)