Unity Expansion Packages

Take your volumetric video further with the Depthkit Expansion Package for Unity. This professional plugin lets you take advantage of Unity's Shader Graph, Visual Effects Graph, and advanced pipelines: Universal Render Pipeline & High Definition Render Pipeline.

The Depthkit Core Expansion Package is compatible with Core and Cinema clips.
It contains 5 packages:

  • depthkit.core
  • depthkit.core.shadergraph
  • depthkit.core.vfx
  • depthkit.avpro
  • depthkit.streamingimagesequenceplayer

The Depthkit Studio Expansion Package is compatible with Studio clips, and supports livestreaming.

  • All of the packages found in the Core Expansion packages
  • depthkit.studio
  • depthkit.studio.lite
  • depthkit.studio.shadergraph‍
  • depthkit.studio.vfx
  • depthkit.live