Hardware requirements

Computer hardware

Minimum specifications

Depthkit Core requires the following minimum specification to run successfully:

  • Intel Core i7 Quad Core CPU or higher
  • Memory: 8 GB of RAM or more
  • Any of the following graphics cards:
    • Radeon Pro 555 or AMD Ryzen 5 APU or faster
    • Nvidia GeForce 1060 or faster
  • A dedicated USB 3 port for the sensor

We recommend Windows 10 with the latest updates. Depthkit is incompatible with the macOS operating system, but if you have an Intel-based Mac, you can install Windows on your Mac using the Boot Camp Utility.

Recommended computers

We're evaluating the latest generation of PC's for compatibility with Depthkit. Check back soon for updates!

USB ports


Sensor-specific port and cable recommendations

The Azure Kinect is incompatible with certain types of USB ports. This incompatibility is determined by the chip inside the USB port. More information is available on Microsoft's Azure Kinect SDK documentation.

Most computers will have a mixture of USB port types and generations. Using the right port is critical when connecting a depth sensor that requires a high data transfer rate, so use a port with the most bandwidth. In most cases, this is a USB 3.0 or USB 3.1 port. Most USB 3.0/3.1 ports are blue, or have a "SS" in the icon next to the port itself.

How do I know which USB ports I have?
On a PC, go to your Device Manager and expand the Universal Serial Bus Controllers section. This will reveal the USB ports available on your computer.

  • If your USB port name contains "Universal Host", your port is version 1.1.
  • If it contains both "Universal Host" and "Enhanced Host", your port is version 2.0.
  • If it contains "USB 3.0", your port is version 3.0.

Here you can right click on each port to learn about type, version, and location of the port.

You can identify the ports by their iconsYou can identify the ports by their icons

You can identify the ports by their icons

Depth sensors

Depthkit is designed to access a variety of hardware to capture volumetric depth information. Our recommended sensor is the Microsoft Azure Kinect.
Supported Sensors include:

  • Microsoft Azure Kinect DK
  • Microsoft Kinect for Windows V2 / Kinect for Xbox One + Kinect for Windows adapter

We have experimental support for Intel RealSense D400 Series as we have observed stability issues as well as lower than acceptable data quality. Please use at your own risk and not in a critical production setting.

Experimental Support

  • Intel RealSense D435
  • Intel RealSense D435i
  • Intel RealSense D415


Due to the experimental support of RealSense depth cameras, we strongly suggest that you capture with the Kinect until further development.