Troubleshooting FAQ

How do I reduce the number of dropped frames?

For a complete guide on increasing capture performance, see the Verify Computer Performance page.

Why are there holes in my depth data?

Due to the way in which depth cameras sense depth, there are certain materials that cause errors in the depth data during capture. These are usually reflective or shiny materials that will cause holes and similar artifacts in your depth stream. Read more about material and garment constraints. To repair and reduce these artifacts, Depthkit's Refinement algorithm is designed to clean up and enhance your volumetric data.

Why is my project not launching correctly?

My takes are no longer visible in my Depthkit project.

See the missing files section.

When opening an existing project, I get an error message saying "Application has requested more GPU memory than is available"

See the GPU Memory Alert section.

Common errors messages

Console error messages

2023-11-07 14:18:40.049 [DEBUG] [Azure Kinect 000481193812] [7.84213s (7842133/1000000)] Color frame dropped. Delta: 100000
2023-11-07 14:18:40.049 [DEBUG] [Azure Kinect 000481193812] [7.84214s (7842144/1000000)] Depth frame dropped. Delta: 100000

Dropped frames will be reported in the Depthkit console, however, you should only watch for dropped frames in the diagnostics panel above the record button that becomes visible when recording. If this panel is reporting dropped frames, follow the steps to verify computer performance. This diagnostics panel will be your source of truth, so you don't need to worry about watching for performance issues in the console window.

If one sensor is showing poor performance in the diagnostic panel, you can use the serial number shown in the console or the take log (saved in the take folder) to identify which sensor is underperforming to troubleshoot that connection.

Console warning messages

Failed to load legacy take: unable to determine asset version.

The error above may be present if you are importing a legacy project into Depthkit. It means that you likely have folders within your Depthkit project that are not take folders. This is fine and will not have a negative impact on your project. You can disregard this message.