Remote control

Open Sound Control (OSC) API

Open Sound Control (OSC) is a widely-used protocol which sends messages in the form of UDP packets to networked devices. This allows you to control certain functionality in Depthkit from remote devices on the same network, such as a smartphone using an OSC client like the TouchOSC app.

In Depthkit preferences, enable OSC remote control and optionally customize the port number.

Configure your OSC client to send messages to the IP address and port listed, then add buttons to remote control Depthkit using the commands below.

Start Studio Streaming


Start Studio Calibration


Stop Pipeline


This will stop whichever Studio pipeline is active.

Begin Recording

/beginRecording <take name>

If the Studio Streaming pipeline is active, this begins a recording, using the take name argument as the recording's prefix. If no take name is specified, Depthkit will use the Take Prefix specified in the app.

End Recording


Turn Live Streaming On/Off

/setLiveStreamingState <0|1>

Toggle Studio Calibration Sampling

/setExtrinsicSamplingState <0|1>

Toggle Studio Calibration Floor Detection

/setFloorSamplingState <0|1>

TouchOSC Templates

Get started with these Calibration & Record Templates for TouchOSC


Verify the IP, Port and network domains

  • Be sure you have enabled OSC in the Depthkit Edit > Preferences panel
  • Ensure the IP address and port match between Depthkit and Touch OSC
  • Ensure the Phone is connected to the same wifi as the PC, and that you are using the IP associated with the Wi-Fi in case the PC is also hard-wired to the network

If that's all verified and it still doesn't work, it may be a network issue:

  • Can you confirm that TouchOSC can send messages to other OSC receivers on that computer (use TouchDesigner or other as a test receiver)
  • Can you test to see if Depthkit can receive messages from a local sender?
  • You can also try disabling windows fire wall (see below) in case the network is blocking the request.