Getting Started with Depthkit Unity Templates

The fastest way to get started with the Depthkit Unity Expansion packages is to download and open the template project available on the Downloads page of the Depthkit website. These template projects can help you get familiar with the packages, components, and conventions of adding Depthkit captures to a Unity project.

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Depthkit Studio Unity project templates

  1. To begin, download the sample project from the Downloads page of the Depthkit website. Select the template which corresponds to the Unity Render Pipeline you wish to use.

  2. In the Projects window, click Add.

  1. Navigate to the root folder where you unzipped the template project. This folder contains ProjectSettings, Packages, and Assets folders. In this view, click Open.

  2. If you don't have the same version of Unity installed that the template was generated in, Unity Hub will prompt you to install this or alternate versions. To ensure full compatibility, you must use the exact version from the project, however newer versions of 2022.3 (LTS) will likely work as well.

  3. Once the project loads, navigate to the Assets folder in the Project Bin. Double-click the DepthkitSampleScene scene asset to load the scene in the Hierarchy, Scene View and Game View.

  4. Once the scene is loaded, click the Play button to run the demo.

  5. Click the Look buttons to cycle through different assets. Click and drag in the Game View to orbit the camera around the Depthkit capture.

  6. You can modify this template with your own assets and scenes. Check out the following guides for more information on configuring Depthkit objects in Unity:

Depthkit Core Expansion →
Depthkit Studio Expansion →
Shader Graph →
Visual Effect Graph →
Looks →


Unable to load scene

If the Depthkit demo scene fails to load, select the Default view in Window > Layouts, then double-click the DepthkitSampeScene scene asset in the Assets bin to reload the scene.

HEVC (H.265) video playback in Windows

WindowsVideoMedia error 0xc00d5212 while reading video.mp4

Context: Setting media type for first video stream
Error details: No suitable transform was found to encode or decode the content.
Track types:
   Video Track [width x height], type: HEVC
      Resolution exceeds the Microsoft Media Foundation decoder limit of width x height on Windows 10 and above.
      Install HEVC Video Extensions to enable HEVC format support on compatible devices.

The above error indicates that the version of Windows that the Unity project is running on does not have HEVC (H.265) support installed. To resolve this, you can either purchase the HEVC Video Extension for Windows or re-export your Depthkit assets as AVC (H.264) videos.