Known issues & workarounds

If you are running into an error or issue and don’t see it described here, let us know at [email protected].

Known Issues

Playback issue with multiple clips in URP or HDRP
When working in a project using URP or HDRP, you will find that multiple Depthkit clips can default to sharing the same texture. To work around this, disable SRP batcher in your project. You can find this by locating your render pipeline asset in your project (usually under Assets / Settings), selecting the asset and going to the Inspector. SRP Batcher is located here under the Advanced section.


If you are unable to disable SRP Batcher, you can create a new Core Look Shader Graph and material for each additional Depthkit clip.

Experimental relighting
The generation of surface normals is in development and should be considered experimental.


Errors in self-shadowing in built-in RP
When setting up your Depthkit clip, you may find that its shadow is speckled or full of holes. Don’t worry, there is a quick workaround. Select your Depthkit clip and head over to the Inspector. In the Depthkit Core Mesh Source component, under Relighting, change the Normal Generation Technique to smooth, adjustable, or adjustable smoother.


Visual artifacts on Oculus Quest
You may see additional edge artifacts when building to the Oculus Quest. We are investigating the issue and will report back shortly.

VFX Graph geometry output not supported for Oculus Quest
There is a Unity known issue in which VFX Graph geometry outputs are not supported for the Quest. When designing your VFX Look, ensure that you are using a point output.