What else you'll need

Depthkit supports different workflows, which have different hardware requirements.

Still not sure what license is right for your project? Read our blog post on how to select which Depthkit product is right for you.

Optional, but recommended...

  • Tracking complex projects - Managing media and assets can save time and spare you headaches at later stages in post-production. See the Asset management section for some best practices.
  • Higher-Quality with Refinement for Depthkit Core & Cinema - By shooting against a keyable backdrop like a greenscreen, you can take full advantage of the Depthkit Refinement workflow to maximize the capture quality.
  • Synchronized Audio - See the Audio section for best practices to capture and integrate synchronized audio into Depthkit assets.
  • Compatible Lighting and Wardrobe - See the Preparing for Depthkit a shoot guide for special considerations for lighting and wardrobe materials.