Depthkit Core and Depthkit Cinema clips can be embedded on the web in Three.js. For Depthkit Studio and WebXR, ask us about our third-party integrations in active development.

Embedding Depthkit on the Web

To embed Depthkit in a website, head over to Depthkit.js repository on GitHub. This is a community built liberally licensed open source implementation of our Photo renderer for use in 3D Web applications. It's the easiest way to distribute Volumetric Video on the web.


Depthkit + Vimeo (experimental)

We are collaborating with our friends and partners at Vimeo to make publishing Depthkit to the web even easier by uploading your Depthkit clips to your Vimeo account. Vimeo has built a repository on GitHub with instructions on how to combined Depthkit and Vimeo.


Depthkit.js has been built by many contributors over the years. We want to thank Ricardo Cabello (aka mrdoob) the first to port Depthkit to the web in Three.js for the Aaronetrope. We also want to thank Or Fleisher, who extended Depthkit to WebVR for Tzina, adding an npm build system. Finally, we want to thank Vimeo Creators Lab for working with Scatter to collaboratively create the Vimeo + Depthkit integration.