This section will show you the different areas of the Depthkit interface.

For additional information about Depthkit Studio, see the Depthkit Studio interface section.


Context Selection


Record and Editor tabs

These tabbed icons allow you to quickly switch between Depthkit contexts.

  • Record to capture Depthkit Core recordings.
  • Editor to edit and export your captures.
  • If using a license with Depthkit Cinema enabled, Camera Pairing is where you can create a calibration that links your sensor to a camera.
  • If using a license with Depthkit Studio enabled, Studio Calibration & Recording is where you both capture and calibrate multi-camera data.

Configuration Pane


The Configuration Pane is where you can configure settings at various points in Depthkit workflows.

  • In the Record context, it's where you can change configure sensor settings and adjust the near- and far-planes of the Depth Preview.
  • In the Editor context, it's where you can change Refinement and export settings.



The Library shows a list of captures stored in the project. Double-click any of them to open them in the Editor.

Core 3D Viewport


This is the main area displayed in the Depthkit interface, and allows you to see data from your sensors rendered in interactive 3D.


You can navigate the 3D viewport using the following controls:

Orbit viewing angle around 3D scene.Click + drag near the center of the 3D viewport
Zoom in and out of the 3D scene.Middle mouse scroll Or right-click+drag
Translate the viewing angle around your 3D scene.Middle-mouse-click + drag
Reset your view.Double click in view port
Rotate subject in frustum view.Click + drag near the edge of the 3D viewport

Color and Depth Previews


These preview windows show you the raw data from the sensor. This is useful for making sure sensor settings like exposure are set correctly, or quickly identifying holes in the depth data.