GPU Memory Alert


When opening an existing Depthkit project with many recorded takes, you may get an error that closes Depthkit:

NVIDIA OpenGL Driver

An application has requested more GPU memory than is available in the system.
The application will now be closed.

Error code: 6

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This is due to the project containing more media files - the recorded color and depth streams - than your computer is capable of loading at once.

To work around this, copy the following into an empty folder on you computer:

  • project JSON
  • _calibration folder
  • a smaller subset of the take folders of the takes you want to work on

Open this pared-down project folder instead of the original.

The clip names of the removed takes will still appear in the Edit context's Library panel, but show red alert icons indicating that the clips are offline. If you want to reconnect them, copy those take folders into the pared-down project folder - You may need to remove some of the others.