Cinema-linked clip not loading in Editor

If your Depthkit project is freezing after linking a Cinema video to your Depthkit capture, you can unlink the Cinema video from your Depthkit capture by doing the following:

Option 1: Changing the video file name/location. One simple thing to try to restore your project is to rename or move the Cinema video that the Depthkit project is pointing to. If this file’s name is cinema.mp4, with Depthkit closed, rename it to something else like cinema_a.mp4 and relaunch Depthkit.

Option 2: Editing the JSON


Whenever you hand-edit the JSON file, make a backup first, as any mistakes can corrupt your project.

  • Close Depthkit.
  • Within the JSON, under recordings.TAKE#.compositions.default, there is an object called selectedColorSource. By default, the id for this object is the sensor’s ID number, but when you connect a cinema clip, it switches to external-camera. Replace this with the sensor’s id number to disable Cinema on the clip.
  • Within the JSON, under recordings.TAKE#.streams.SENSOR_ID#, there’s an array […] containing three objects {…} - The 3rd object contains the settings for your Cinema video. Delete this entire object {…} (including the curly braces and the comma before them).
  • Save the JSON, and open the project in Depthkit.