Depthkit Cinema

Cinematic quality at your fingertips. With Depthkit Cinema, you can supplement the lush cinematic quality of your video camera with accessible depth sensing to create vivid, high resolution 2.5D volumetric captures.

Depthkit Cinema builds on top of the reliable workflow of Depthkit Core. Cinema takes your single-perspective capture one step further by increasing your color resolution up to 8K.

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What makes Depthkit Cinema different?

Cinematic Quality
Depthkit Cinema provides the opportunity to capture volumetric footage with not just a depth sensor, but a paired cinema grade video camera. This removes the technical constraints of the equipment and puts the quality back in your hands.

High Resolution
The higher the better. Depthkit Cinema can tackle footage up to 8K, enabling true cinematic volumetric capture.

Color Fidelity
Shoot with the professional color quality that you trust. Depth sensors have come a long way in the color video that they can capture, but nothing will ever compete with a cinema grade video camera when it comes to accuracy, adjusting for lighting, and having control over every aspect of your video output.

See it for yourself in our Depthkit Cinema video tutorial.

Getting started with Depthkit Cinema

Depthkit Cinema offers you the highest quality volumetric footage of real people, with the video production skills you already have.

For highest quality volumetric footage, we recommend that you record with Depthkit Cinema on a green screen, to take advantage of the quality boosting impact of Depthkit's Refinement Workflow. This is not required, but will often improve your results.

In this guide we will cover everything required to make the best possible recording with Depthkit.

  • Recommended Equipment: Covers supported depth sensors, camera/lens recommendations, required calibration charts, and how to securely mount your sensor to the camera. The latter is essential for a successful camera pairing and will require the purchase of standard grip gear.
  • Lens Correction Profile: The key step before pairing your camera and sensor, this generates camera and lens pairing data that will be unique to your camera/lens combination. This step requires some care and precision and may take over an hour. However once completed, you can reuse this profile if using the exact same camera and lens combination (with matching focal length).
  • Camera Pairing: Pairing your camera and depth sensor in Depthkit Cinema. This is the final step in preparing your project and generates pairing data between the camera and sensor with the help of a calibration chart. This process may take over an hour to complete.

Never paired cameras together before? No worries, we are here to take you through each step. Let's get started!