RealSense issues

  • Sensors exhibit a high rate of dropped frames and inconsistent backlog activity.
  • Sensor data quality is very poor.
  • Sensors will occasionally not be recognized by Depthkit. To address this, unplug-and-plug the sensor in again, or restart the computer.
  • Sensors may stop streaming data unexpectedly.
  • If unplugging the sensor from the computer while using Depthkit, you may experience a frozen 3D viewport. You may also see this when switching between RealSense sensors in Record Settings. When this happens do not attempt to record. Instead, restart the app and verify that the 3D preview is active before recording.
  • The 3D preview may freeze during recording. If this occurs, stop the recording and restart the app. If unresolved, you may need to restart your computer.
  • If you unplug your sensor during recording, your 3D preview will freeze and you will need to restart the app. Most likely, your output files will be intact, even if the take does not show up in the library.
  • Some have experienced an error when updating the D435 firmware where the sensor becomes recognized as a D430. Depthkit will not capture with a RealSense that is not a D415 or D435. See what this looks like below.