Updating your Plugin Version

If updating your current project to an updated version of the plugin, always delete the entire existing Depthkit folder before importing the new version. It is also important to be aware that the clip editor and video players have been simplified in v0.2.4. When updating in this case, you may need to re-enable the startup and playback settings of your existing Depthkit clips. If you have any issues playing your clip, you may also need to re-assign your video files to the clip.

General Issues

My Depthkit clip is not setup.


This message remains visible until you assign both your video and metadata file. If the message persists after setting these:

  1. Check your file paths. If using AVPro, make sure your video file source path is set to "Relative to Streaming Assets Folder" in the Media player component.
  2. This message may also be present when your Depthkit clip is hidden (the game object is disabled). Once the clip is re-enabled, the message will go back to setup.

There is a material error, seen as pink boxes, in my clip.

Disabling/re-enabling a Depthkit clip after playback may cause this temporary error in the form of a pink box above your clip. Simply click anywhere in the editor to clear this.

Clip Playback

My Depthkit clip is not showing up in a build.

If using AVPro as your video player,

  1. Check your video file path. Make sure that when using AVPro, your video file source path is set to “Relative to Streaming Assets Folder”. If set to "Relative to Project Folder", the clip will not show up when building your scene.
  1. Check your Preferred Video API in the AVPro Global Settings, found at the bottom of the AVpro component.
    When using AVPro as your video player, the clips doesn't always show up in a build when your Preferred Video API is set to Direct Show in your AVPro global settings. We recommend that you do not use Direct Show. Stick with the default Windows Media Foundation.

Clip Appearance

My Depthkit clip has edge artifacts.

Don't worry, this can be quickly solved by adjusting your Clean Up Filter parameters. However, you may notice that the Unity video player may cause more edge artifacts than AVPro. This is helpful to keep in mind if switching back and forth between video players in your project. You should also note that the clean up values may differ with color space and video player.

There is a sharp line in my asset, especially when viewed from the profile view.

This is an artifact caused by color space conversions and video compression that has been applied to the depth. To work around this, we recommend using AVPro as your video player and make sure that Hardware Decoding is disabled. We are currently researching how to reduce these depth artifacts with hardware accelerated video.

The color of my Depthkit clip seems different.

Update to Unity 2018. This is most likely due to a Unity bug that exists when using linear color space. If you cannot update to 2018, change your project color space to gamma.

My effects layers do not appear as they should.

  1. Currently, the multiply blending mode is inaccurate. In the fill, point, and line layers, the multiply blending mode goes to black when opacity is at a value of zero. Multiply mode also ignores transparency if using a sprite.

  2. Editing multiple clips at once through multi-editing may cause errors or clips may fail to recognize your intended changes when more than one clip is selected. Please be aware of this when trying to edit many clips at once.

Performance Issues

My Scene runs very slow with Depthkit

If you are experience performance issues with Depthkit, here are a few things to try to debug

  • Ensure Depthkit is the culprit first by turning off Depthkit clips and observe if the framerate performance increases.
  • Write a script to pause the video on clips that are not in view. This will ensure only the clips being viewed are using system resources.
  • Reduce mesh density on your clips. While high mesh density is great for maintaining resolution, Depthkit allows you to reduce the amount of geometry used for each clip. This can dramatically help performance
  • If you are using Unity Video Player, switch to AVPro Video and enable Hardware Accelerated playback with Windows Media Foundation. This is the fastest path for video playback. Note some configurations may introduce visual artifacts on hardware acceleration, we are working to address this.
  • Reduce video file size. As a final resort, it may be necessary to downscale the videos. You can do this in a video editing program like Adobe Premiere or command line tools like FFMPEG. See the Audio portion on of the Depthkit Core workflow to ensure you have the correct export settings.

Publishing Platforms

I'm having issues building to Android.

Building to Android is incompatible with OpenGLES2. Use these player settings below:

  • OpenGLES3 supported by Android 4.3 (API level 18) and higher
  • You will also need to go to Edit - Graphics Emulation - No Emulation, to use the hologram renderer properly when creating for Android.
  • Keep in mind that phones like the Galaxy S6 require OpenGLES2. This means that Unity will not be able to build to the S6 when using the hologram renderer option or when using the simple renderer with linear color space (linear on Android requires OpenGLES3 or Vulkan to build).