Importing the Package

What You Need


  • Depthkit Unity Plugin
  • Depthkit Look package (optional)

Importing the Unity Plugin

Installation of the Depthkit plugin is performed by importing the Unity package downloaded from your Depthkit account. This is performed by selecting Assets -> Import Package -> Custom Package. Click the Import button on the bottom right of the import window.

An import window will pop up describing exactly what is being imported. Simple click import at this stage.

Importing a Look

Once the Unity Plugin has been imported into your project, you can now import a Look package. Looks are separate from the Unity Plugin. Our first is the Zero Days Look. You can repeat the same import process as above.


Importing a Look

A Look package cannot by imported alone. Before importing a Look, the Depthkit Unity Plugin must be imported into your Unity project. A Looks package must be imported alongside the corresponding Unity Plugin version. For example, if you have Unity Plugin v0.2.6, you must import Look v0.1.0