Unity plug-in

Playing your Depthkit volumetric video back in Unity game engine is as simple as drag-and-drop with our free Unity plugin. Log in to your Depthkit account and find the basic Unity plugin on your downloads page.

The Depthkit Unity Plugin

Depthkit is designed to bring lifelike characters into immersive environments. Characters need a world to live in! Unity, the world's leading game engine, provides exactly the environment we need to design worlds around Depthkit characters to tell your story.

Unity is a traditional game engine, and has a lot of features. We won't get into the details of learning Unity here, and encourage you to check out the Get Started with Unity guide. This tutorial assumes basic knowledge of the Unity editor interface, and is focused on helping get your capture set up for playback.

Once captured and exported, your Depthkit volumetric footage is ready for Unity without any further processing. Don't worry, very little game engine experience is needed and no programming expertise to begin creating scenes. Just import your video and metadata file into the game engine and you are ready for playback!

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